Thank you all for your patience and thank you to those whom have submitted candidates for the Pacific Desk to date.  If you haven’t already done so, kindly submit your nominees to me at or as soon as possible.  For those who have submitted nominees, we will be in touch with you regarding the next steps.

Updates! Updates! Updates! Updates!

2014 Schedule –  As we continue to solicit candidates for the first round of the Pacific International Training Desk students, we are releasing the schedule for cohorts for 2014.

Cohort 1 – 16 June to 11 July
Cohort 2 – 11 Aug to 5th Sept
Cohort 3 – 15 Sept to 10 Oct
Cohort 4 – 20 Oct to 14 Nov

The course will be 4 weeks in length.  There is some prerequisite material we will ask potential students to complete prior to attending the course.  For the first cohort, we will forfeit this requirement however will be required for the next round.

Additional Students – We will be increasing the number of students per cohort to 4 (as opposed to 2)

Who Should Take This Course – As before the course is intended for beginning forecasters with limited to no forecasting experience.  The Pacific Desk program is intended as an early step in initial forecast training, preparing trainees for lengthier and more advanced training programs (e.g. AUS Bureau of Meteorology programs, Regional Training Centers in Japan or the Philippines, NZ Met Service professional development hosted in home countries).  Future iterations of training will include more in-depth material for experienced forecasters in the region.

The PITD will pay for airfare, lodging, and provide a fixed stipend to help cover meals and incidental expenses.