Cohort 1 Meet and Greet with Pacific Desk. (L-R: Jennifer Strahl, Meteorologist/Instructor, Pacific Desk; Raymond Tanabe, Regional Director, NWS’s Pacific Region; Christina Higa, Director, Pacific Desk; Tom Evans, MIC
ElifaletiEne_webi Mr. Elifaleti “Earl” Ene is a Senior Observer at the Tuvalu Meteorological Services. He has been working with the Tuvalu Meteorological Services since 1993. He has attended many meteorological training and workshops including those on climate data (e.g. CliDe), climate validation, modeling, climate impacts, risk reduction (DDR), disaster prevention, and many more. He has also attended an observer training course in Fiji. Earl’s current responsibilities include, but are not limited to, preparing forecast reports; data quality monitoring and control; and training of new observer recruits.
RichardGokrun_web Mr. Richard Gokrun
is an Observer with the Tuvalu Meteorological Services. He is doing his Diploma in Computing Science at the University of the South Pacific. He has worked in the field of meteorology in the last decade and has attended several training courses including Third Country Program on Regional Meteorology Training for Pacific Island Countries Meteorological Equipment and Instruments Maintenance Calibration Training Course (Nadi, Fiji 2012); Climate Prediction and Applications (Nadi, Fiji 2009); 10th WMO Southern Hemisphere Tropical Cyclone and public weather workshop (Nadi, Fiji 2013), and many more.