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Maccarios_Profile Mr. Maccarios Auvae (Samoa Met Service) is a graduating student from the National University of Samoa completing his Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Mathematics and Chemistry.  He started working as a volunteer Weather Observer at the Samoa Meteorological Division in 2009 and was later promoted in 2010 to the position of Scientific Officer at the Weather Section. He was selected by the Government of Samoa through the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to study in Philippines undertaking Meteorology Training Course (MTC)  with the PAGASA Institute and sponsored by the World Meteorological Organization. Maccarios attended the 9th WMO Southern Hemisphere Tropical Cyclone and public weather workshop in Melbourne 2011 (BOM).”My aspiration is to broaden my capacity of understanding through attending related trainings and workshops to share knowledge and experiences with other Meteorology experts to assist me to meet new challenges under my line of work as Meteorology specialists.” – Maccarios Auvae
Silipa_Profile Mr. Silipa Mulitalo (Samoa Met Service) is a 2013 meteorologist graduate of BMTC Bureau of Meteorology Australia.  He joined Samoa Met Service in 2012.  He started as an observer before getting accepted in BMTC for graduate diploma course in 2013 and has been working on the bench for the last 6 months in between the tropical cyclone season.  Prior to that, Silipa worked at the Samoa Water Authority as a Planning and Design technician dealing with mostly engineering matters, fluid flows, pressure management, planning and designs of pipeline networks and GIS mapping using computer programs.  Silipa earned a Bachelors degree in Mathematics and Chemistry from the University of the South Pacific in 2010.  His duties revolve around preparation and issuance of public weather forecast and marine forecast on a daily basis.”This undoubtedly presents a great opportunity for me to excel in my area of interest and passion for meteorology.” -Silipa Mulitalo
Wayne_Profile Mr. Wayne Pene (Fiji Met Service) joined  the Fiji Meteorological Service in 2002 as a Senior Technical Assistant or Observer. He obtained a WMO Level 4 basic observer certificate in 2002 and a WMO Level 3 certificate in 2003. In 2004 he was posted to the Rotuma Meteorological Station which is approximately 600km NW of Nadi for a period of three years carrying out observations on a 3 hourly interval. In 2008 he returned to NWFC-Nadi and worked his way through the technical ranks. In 2011, he was promoted to Technical Officer Class 2 or Aviation Technical Officer and in 2013 he was promoted to Supervisor.  This is his first overseas training, but he has attended in house training conducted or organized by the department such as MESSIR-VISION and MESSIR-AERO software training and various QMS courses. In 2013 he graduated with a Certificate in Meteorology (Level 4) from the Fiji National University. Mr. Wayne Pene’s current responsibilities include supervising the collation and dissemination of accurate and quality data, ensuring that the AFTN and GTS links are functioning properly, making independent decisions and many more.  He is married to Belinda Julie, a registered nurse and they have two lovely kids.
Slade_Profile Mr. Slade Ririmae (Solomon Islands Met Service)joins the Pacific Desk with experience in weather forecasting, Meteorological observation and upper Air Balloon flight and education. He earned his foundational science as well as Meteorological observer certification from USP, Suva.  He has been pursuing his Bachelors in mathematics and physic also from USP, Suva, Fiji.  Upon graduating as a meteorological observer, Slade  joined the Solomon Islands Meteorological Office at Henderson international Airport. There, he worked directly with operational section to apply the knowledge learned and develop the skills on issuing METAR and SPECI to the aviation as well as synoptic messages from outer island provinces. He later moved to upper Air station in which enjoyed he worked with Balloon flight as well as carry out the decoding and coding synoptic message.  Slade has served as an officer in the three section within Solomon Island Meteorological service. While working at forecasting section, he also worked as part time lecturer/Tutor teaching applied physical science at the Solomon Island National University. “Education and training has been a constant presence and passion throughout my career, primarily in secondary- and university-level physical sciences, including one regional institution.” -Slade Ririmae