groupshotcampuscenterParticipants of Cohort #4 (C4) at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Front to Back:  Jennifer Strahl, Meteorologist/Instructor Pacific Desk; Christina Higa, Director, Pacific Desk; Tom Evans, Acting Meteorologist in Charge, Honolulu Forecast Office; Mellisa Kuleloto Talagi Douglas, C4 Participant, Niue Meteorological Service; Taumoa Bateriki, C4 Participant, Kiribati Meteorological Service; Edwin Neel Kant, C4 Participant, Fiji Meteorological Service.

Pacific Desk welcomes last Cohort for 2014

Taumoa Bateriki (Kiribati Meteorological Service), Mellisa Kuleloto Talagi Douglas (Niue Meteorological Service), Edwin Neel Kant (Fiji Meteorological Service) and Maneatapu Edward Maretapu (Cook Islands Meteorological Service), participants of Cohort #4 arrived safely over the weekend to begin training with the Pacific International Training Desk (Pacific Desk).  “We seem to prelude our cohorts with weather events which makes for rather serious welcoming conversations with participants,” comments Jennifer Strahl, Meteorologist/Instructor for Pacific Desk.  Cohort #2 arrived nearing the end of Hurricane Iselle and Tropical Storm Julio, and Cohort #4 arrived in the midst of Hurricane Ana.  Ms. Strahl said that “we are fortunate to have been spared, the Pacific Desk will continue to plan and prepare to ensure that arriving participants are safe, are aware of evacuation routes and procedures and provided with an emergency kit.”

Cohort #4 will spend the next 4 weeks, 20 October to 14 November 2014, in training with the Pacific Desk at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.  Training structure include hands-on lab exercises and activities; real-time weather analysis and forecast practice; messaging and communication/ dissemination systems; field trips and site visits; and shift-shadowing and map discussions.

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